Many of our lab resources are available for external use. Please contact Prof. Ferguson with use requests. 


X-Ray Microscopy and Nano/Micro-Computed Tomography 

NSF MRI funded 2017, Ferguson Co-I

Zeiss XRadia 520 Versa

Funded through a 2017 NSF Major Research Instrumentation Award, this novel instrument is housed within the Ferguson Lab within the Engineering Center and operates as a MIMIC core facility instrument. This system enables unique, non-destructive means to image and differentiate internal material micro- and nanostructures using unmatched resolution and phase contrast. To request training or data collection using this system, please visit our MIMIC Core Facility for rates, scheduling, and other information.

Combined Nanoindenter-Raman Spectroscopy

NSF MRI funded 2013, Ferguson PI

Nanoindenter-Raman Spectroscopy

Funded through a 2013 NSF Major Research Instrumentation Award to Prof. Ferguson, this novel instrument is housed  within the Engineering Center and operates as a core facility instrument. This system is currently a one-of-a-kind and enables independent or combined assessment of nano- and micro-mechanical properties and material surface chemical analysis at matched length scales. To request training or data collection using this system, please visit our MIMIC Core Facility for rates, scheduling, and other information.

  • Hysitron TI-950 Nanoindenter
    • Three transducers: Dynamic (~18 mN max load), 2D (for indentation & scratch; 12 mN max load), and Multiprobe (500N max load )
    • Multiple dry and fluid cell probes: Berkovich, Cube corner, Conicospherical
    • Extended Displacement Stage
    • High temperature stage (up to 200°C)
  • Renishaw InVia Raman Spectroscopy System
    • Confocal Microscope
    • Red and Green lasers
    • Wire analysis software
  • Fiber Optic and software connectivity to enable Raman Spectra measurements of material surfaces placed on the Nanoindenter XYZ motorized stage

MTS Insight II

MTS Insight II

  • 2kN, 250N, 5N, 2N load cells
  • Multiple test fixtures for compression, tension, and bending experiments
  • Custom visual (window) confined compression testing fixture
  • Specialized testing fixtures for microscopy of soft materials during testing
  • Environmental chamber with temperature controlled water bath

Materials & Histology Preparation Instruments

Exakt 400 Materials MachineCG1 Materials DeviceLow Speed Materials DeviceEcomet Materials Device

  • Resources & expertise for plastic embedding bone and metallurgical specimens
  • Exakt Specimen Preparation Tools for Bone and Calcified Tissue Histology
    • Exakt 300CP Band Saw
    • Exakt 400CS Grinder
    • Exakt Adhesive Press
  • Buehler Specimen Preparation Tools for General Sample Preparation
    • Isomer Low Speed Diamond Blade Saws x2
    • Ecomet Polisher
  • Band Saw for large sample preparation

Life-Science, Tissue Engineering, & Biology Resources

Computer Resources

  • Computational Cluster with licenses for Abaqus
  • Institutional site licenses for Matlab, Origin, and other software
  • Group-Owned: COMSOL, Adobe Creative Suite, DragonFly Pro
  • Group expertise with: R, SPSS, SAS, NIH ImageJ