Published: Oct. 18, 2019

Whether you have past experience or it’s brand new to you, video interviewing is growing in popularity.   As part of your interview process with CU Boulder, you might be invited to take a HireVue interview—a self-recorded video interview with prompted questions. This technology allows us to offer more flexibility to candidates and hiring committees, making our selection process more effective and efficient. These interviews do not take the place of in-person interviews, but rather enables us to learn more about you and your experience beyond your application materials.  This article is the second part of our two-part series from our Talent Acquisition team providing tips to help you as you navigate your HireVue or any other video interview.  Check out part 1 of this series on our career site.


  • Test the quality of your computer’s audio and video. Test calls using Skype, Zoom, Facetime or other video chat solutions can help ensure general audio and video quality. Utilize the practice questions within HireVue to further test your audio and video within the HireVue platform.
  • Use a web browser compatible with your computer, if applicable. We have found that Google Chrome tends to work best with HireVue.
  • Articulate and speak clearly throughout the interview.
  • Make sure the room is quiet; avoid distracting sounds, movements or objects in the area. We’ve seen a fair amount of pets on-screen during the interview, and though we love our pets, they can be a distraction to you and the evaluator.
  • Be detailed and prepare in advance to provide specific examples to interview questions. Providing specific examples of your prior experience is often the most informative way to demonstrate your knowledge, skills, and experience for the position.
  • Typically you will have one minute to read the question before you are prompted to start recording your response. Utilize this time to jot down some notes and specific examples that will strengthen your response.


  • Do not rush to complete your answers. We typically provide 3 minutes per question to provide an answer, and this is usually more than enough time to provide a response. Utilize the practice questions to become more comfortable with the timing of your answers.
  • Do not have your phone or other devices nearby, to avoid potential distractions.
  • Do not worry about how you will appear on video. Although you should still dress professionally, we are not evaluating screen presence during the interview. Our evaluation will focus on the content you provide in your answers.
  • Do not leave additional browser windows or other programs open on your computer during the interview. These can create distractions and/or slow your internet speed.