Published: Aug. 14, 2019

Whether you have past experience or it’s brand new to you, video interviewing is growing in popularity.   As part of your interview process with CU Boulder, you might be invited to take a HireVue interview—a self-recorded video interview with prompted questions. This technology allows us to offer more flexibility to candidates and hiring committees, making our selection process more effective and efficient. These interviews do not take the place of in-person interviews, but rather enables us to learn more about you and your experience beyond your application materials.  Our Talent Acquisition Team has put together a few tips to help you as you navigate your HireVue, or any other video interview.


  • Practice video interviewing ahead of time, either with a career advisor or peer. If you’re interviewing via HireVue, take advantage of the practice questions within the platform. Familiarizing yourself with the set-up and format will help you feel more comfortable for the actual interview.
  • Have your resume and notes with you during the interview, but don’t shuffle them around or allow yourself to become distracted by them.
  • Check that you have plenty of battery power if using an unplugged laptop.
  • Consider the lighting. Lighting should come from the direction of the computer toward you—if it comes from behind you it will shadow your face. Your interview space needs to be well lit.
  • Position yourself so that you are eye level with the camera and remember to smile! Put some distance between you and the camera in order to create depth.


  • Just like an in-person interview, do not chew gum or eat food during the video interview.
  • Do not take your interview in a setting that may have audible distractions. Make sure the room is free of pets, or anything that may make unexpected noises.
  • Do not conduct the video interview on your cell phone or in a public or unwired setting, like a coffee shop or your car. This will make the audio challenging to hear and internet connection can be inconsistent.
  • Do not conduct the interview in front of a messy or distracting background.
  • Avoid looking at your own image or off to the side of the room while interviewing via HireVue (or any other video interview). Try to look at the camera as if you were making eye contact with the interviewer(s).