Published: May 7, 2019

CU Boulder recruiter in front of Farrand Field.

The application and interviewing process can be stressful--that's no mystery. At CU Boulder, we do our best to make it as seamless as possible and relieve some of that stress. We were able to chat with some of our recruiters about the process, and they have a few suggestions for you as you go about applying to CU Boulder--or anywhere! Here are the top five recommendations that they have:

  1. Tailor your cover letter and resume to address specific position requirements. Review all requirements carefully and be sure to address how your qualifications are relevant to them—don’t just use a generic resume for every job application!
  2. Pause for a moment to think before you answer a question. Simply saying, “That’s a great question. I need a second to think about that,” will allow you the time to collect your thoughts and give the response you actually want to give. There’s no benefit to rushing your answer, but there is a benefit to taking that extra minute to think.
  3. Make sure your reference contacts are up to date. Having reference contacts that are old and outdated just means that we will have to get new references from you.  This only slows down the process and elongates the stress—on both ends!
  4. Do as much research as you can about CU Boulder and the specific department in which the job is located. Hiring managers like to know that you’ve put in the effort to learn about your potential new place of employment. This goes a long way.
  5. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get the first job you apply for at CU Boulder. Being such a large organization, we get a lot of interest in our jobs. That also means that we are constantly growing and have new positions available, keep applying! Stay up to date on our newest positions by creating a job alert