The Jewish Studies Undergraduate Student Advisory Board is a professional development student organization which provides undergraduate students with the opportunity to have a direct impact on their Jewish Studies education.

Students on the board work with faculty, staff, and their fellow students to develop outreach programs to promote the Major and Minors, connect with donors, and work on student community building. This is an excellent way to become more involved with Jewish Studies and help develop your professional skills! Check out the student bios of our current board below!


To develop outreach programs to build student community, promote the Major and Minors, and connect with members of the broader public.


  • We will serve as a liaison to share students’ perspectives and experiences. 
  • We will host student events to build community, explore academic interests outside the classroom, and make connections.
  • We will create a platform to help lift the voice of students in the community at large.
  • We will continue to support and ensure the Program’s excellence for years to come.


Interested in being more involved in the Program in Jewish Studies? Applications for the Board are accepted on a rolling basis. Students of all backgrounds are welcome to apply. We are looking for students who are or are planning to pursue a Jewish Studies Major or Minor. Please fill out the application below and email it to You will hear back from us as soon as your application has been reviewed by the Board.

Advisory Board Application