The University of Colorado Program in Jewish Studies, Libraries, and the Department of English acquired the Brian E. Lebowitz Collection of 20th Century Jewish-American Literature in collaboration with Brian E. Lebowitz, a literary collector. This collection traces the evolution of Jewish-American literature from an ethnic sideline to the mainstream of Amerian culture. In addition to works of fiction by well-known authors, including Milt Gross, Robert Alter, Gertrude Stein, Leslia Newman, David Mamet, and Andre Codrescu, the collection also includes rare and out-of-print experimental press publications. This acquisition supports scholarly inquiry into all aspects of Jewish-American studies on the CU Boulder campus and provides a block of source material in first editions that is unique in its depth and breadth.

Brian E. Lebowitz has a deep fondness for used books and bookstores, a keen interest in Judaica, and the acumen to amass a collection of more than 19,000 works of 20th century Jewish-American literature. He has generously donated and continues to add to this collection which promises to enrich the study of English, Jewish studies, art and art history, and the humanities at CU Boulder.