Published: Aug. 28, 2015
Alexis Aaeng

Alexis Aaeng, double major in Jewish Studies and History, comes to the CU community and the Program in Jewish Studies from Fort Collins, Colorado. Alexis was a recipient of the 2014-15 Barry and Sue Baer Undergraduate Scholarship, an award granted to our most promising Jewish Studies students. She was initially drawn toward the Program in Jewish Studies because of the diversity of our classes and faculty. Alexis states, "I love how much of a community the program is. I have never felt this connected to a field of study, let alone to the individuals who are teaching courses on such fascinating subjects. I am so grateful for the support and kindness that all of the faculty in Jewish Studies show their students. In addition, there is a multitude of opportunities to be had through this program."

Beginning this semester, Alexis will be interning with the CU-Archives through the Internship in Jewish Studies. She will be working in the Post-Holocaust American Judaism Archive and hopes that this experience will give her the necessary skills to be an effective and successful historian. After graduating in 2016, Alexis hopes to continue pursuing Jewish Studies scholarship and eventually to work toward a university position teaching Jewish Studies. 

Alexis is also an active member of the Jewish Studies Student Advisory Board and is also highly involved with CU's student-run radio station, Radio 1190. She hosts a radio show every Thursday night at 7:00PM called Historics

For students interested in majoring or minoring in Jewish Studies, Alexis suggests "attending events and getting to know your professors. The individuals involved in the program are some of the most intelligent and kindest people I have encountered on this campus."