Major & Minors in Jewish Studies

The Major and Minors in Jewish Studies are open to all students, Jewish and non-Jewish.

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The Program in Jewish Studies explores Jewish culture, history, society, and thought from a broad, interdisciplinary perspective. The program’s faculty are cutting-edge, engaged scholars and teachers from a variety of fields in the humanities and social sciences. Jewish Studies faculty members seek to inspire students and the larger community, both on and off campus, to connect Jewish thought and text to action and people’s lives. As Jews have spread across the world over the last two millennia, they have influenced and been influenced by the cultures in which they have resided. The study of Jewish culture, society, history, and religion is, by its nature, comparative. Within the liberal arts, the Jewish Studies curriculum is related to many different areas.

The Major in Jewish StudiesMinor in Jewish Studies and Minor in Hebrew & Israel Studies provide students with an opportunity to become part of a new and growing field of scholarship. A degree in Jewish Studies imparts fundamental skills in critical thinking, comparative analysis, and oral and written expression. The major provides appropriate training especially for those considering admission to graduate or professional schools and careers in education, law, medicine, public health, journalism, business, urban planning, politics, counseling, international relations, creative writing, as well as university teaching and research.