BFIS is a Boulder citizens’ organization through which local host families provide welcoming hospitality events and US cultural immersion to foreign students attending CU, resulting in international cultural exchanges and opportunities for long term friendships.

What is Boulder Friends of International Students (BFIS)?

Friendship families and students are expected to meet at least once/month. Typical activities include grabbing a coffee/tea together, going to events on campus, going to a sporting event, hiking, hosting a meal, playing board or video games, family traditions, etc. Basically anything you think would be fun for both parties feel free to try! Matches are made for one academic year, but often students and families remain connected after the one-year commitment. 

How are students and families matched?

ISSS and the BFIS board work together to match students and families based on shared interests wherever possible (however, we cannot guarantee this). Students are notified in late July to early August of their host families.

BFIS Events

BFIS will host multiple events each semester. Events will be posted on the BFIS website under the 'Events' tab, as well as on the BFIS Facebook page and Instagram account. These are fun and easy ways to give students and families a chance to get together. These events are open for anyone who has already signed up for the program, but also anyone who is interested in getting more information about the program so feel free to invite your friends!

What if I don't live in Boulder?

No problem! Families and students can be involved whether you live in Boulder, Denver, or any of the surrounding communities. We just ask that you be considerate when making arrangements to meet and try to meet somewhere that works for both parties.  

How can I get involved?

Just click on the 'Apply to be a BFIS Student’ or ‘Apply to be a BFIS Family’ tab. There you can submit your application. The BFIS Coordinator will contact you within a week to confirm that your application has been received and answer any additional questions you may have.