Published: March 19, 2021

Beginning on May 6, 2021 ISSS and CU Boulder will be implementing a new Curricular Practical Training protocol. ISSS is updating our CPT protocol to ensure that CU Boulder maintains compliance with the Department of Homeland Security F-1 visa regulations and is more closely aligned with the CPT policies of our peer institutions. ISSS strongly encourages students to attend a remote CPT Workshop to learn more.

The new ISSS Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Request e-form is now live and is available in your MyISSS portal.

The current CPT policy remains in effect through May 5, 2021; therefore, the type of CPT request process you will need to complete will depend on the CPT dates you are requesting.

CPT requests for internships/training beginning and ending prior to May 6, 2021:

CPT requests for internships/training beginning prior to May 6, 2021 and ending after May 6,2021:

  • You must complete both the CPT Agreement Form (DocuSign) to request CPT through May 5, 2021 and the CPT Request Form in your MyISSS portal to request CPT on and after May 6, 2021.

CPT requests for internships/training beginning on or after May 6, 2021

  • You must submit the CPT Request e-form available in your MyISSS portal.The DocuSign CPT Agreement Form will not be accepted.

New CPT Protocol                           Virtual CPT Workshop