Published: March 9, 2021
Photo of Mitchell Wolfe

Get to know a little about Technology Specialist, Mitchell Wolfe, who has been working at ISSS since January 2019!

What is your favorite Colorado destination?

An interesting and unique destination in Colorado that not many people know about is Bishop's Castle. This castle is located in southern central Colorado near Pueblo. It features many stories of stone and iron work built by a single man into a unique castle looking building. I definitely recommend a visit since it is so different from most places in Colorado.

Share a favorite movie, tv show, book, blog or podcast.

A TV show that I recommend everyone watch is Avatar - The Last Airbender. I watched it initially when it first came out when I was younger, but have continued to appreciate it through my many viewings since then. The show has gained a bit of a resurgence lately since it came to Netflix so now is definitely the time that everyone should go check it out.

How do you like to spend your free time?

I spend my free time playing video games, watching movies, tinkering with computers, doing photography, and going for walks. I really love messing around with the technology around me and using it to improve my experience in my hobbies.

What was the best concert you ever attended?

The best concert I ever attended was the Haunted House Tour featuring Skrillex and Knife Party. It was a 7 hour EDM event on halloween at the 1st Bank Center where the main stage was built up to look like a Haunted House.

Share something you are doing to take care of yourself during the pandemic.

I make sure to go on long walks every day. These are usually through the area around my house late in the evening so I don't really see anyone. Not only has it been good for my health to get the exercise, but I have also learned a lot about the area surrounding where I live. Additionally I listen to audio books during these walks and have currently gone through over a dozen books since the pandemic started just while listening as I walk.