Published: Feb. 22, 2021
Picture of Rayshan giving a thumbs up in a field

Rayshan Visvanathan is a CU Boulder graduate who is currently gaining practical training while on STEM OPT. ISSS reached out to Rayshan to ask about the type of training he is doing and how Post-Completion OPT has helped him gain practical training in his major field of study (Materials Science & Engineering).  ISSS is excited to spotlight Rayshan’s experience and advice for other F-1 students who might be planning to apply for Post-Completion OPT and STEM OPT.

Rayshan is currently working as a Process Engineer in the Lithography group at Intel Corporation. When seeking OPT authorization and applying for his position, Rayshan stated, “The application, interview, and hiring process was great for me. Intel representatives visited CU Boulder and I had the opportunity to share my resume with them. We had a phone interview and then an on-site interview before I was hired. It was a wonderful opportunity. As a Process Engineer at Intel, I use novel patterning techniques and the latest generation in patterning equipment to manufacture computing technology to connect and enrich the lives of every person on earth.” ISSS wants to remind students that the Career Services Office at CU Boulder is a valuable connection for students in their career pursuits. 

Rayshan wants others who are applying for OPT to know that it is a wonderful opportunity that has allowed him to engage with industry leaders, experts, and has allowed him to improve his professional skills. When asked what advice Rayshan would give to a student applying for OPT, he said, “OPT is a great time to explore a career in the STEM industry. Every STEM major must make good use of their OPT time to learn and develop their career path.” 

ISSS supports students before their OPT journey by providing step by step instructions for seeking OPT authorization, reviewing their application materials, and issuing the I-20 that recommends OPT. Rayshan felt that ISSS was pretty good at letting him know many of the details of OPT. During the OPT authorization, students can and should take advantage of ISSS resourcesworkshops, and advising opportunities to understand reporting and status maintenance requirements associated with an OPT authorization. 

ISSS is proud of our students who are engaging in practical training. If you’d like to be featured in our OPT Spotlight Series in the future, please fill out this survey.