Graduate Research Assistant (Ph.D.) Openings

It is anticipated there will be between one and three open Ph.D. positions in the CMGLab with a start date of Fall 2024.  Interested candidates are encouraged to contact Dr. John A. Evans and apply through the Aerospace Engineering Sciences department at CU Boulder.

Graduate Research Assistant (M.S.) Openings

Although graduate research assistants are typically not funded at the M.S. level, motivated and talented M.S. students are encouraged to apply for an unpaid position with the CMGLab. There are several available projects for M.S. students and interested candidates are encouraged to contact Dr. John A. Evans.

Undergraduate Research Assistant Openings

The CMGLab is always looking for motivated undergraduate students to contribute to existing research projects and to venture forth in new research directions. Such students should have background in both an engineering discipline and applied mathematics as well as programming experience in MATLAB and C/C++. Undergraduate students are typically funded under the UROP or DLA programs. Interested undergraduate students are encouraged to contact Dr. John A. Evans.