The Computational Mechanics and Geometry Laboratory (CMGLab), led by Dr. John A. Evans of the Ann and H.J. Smead Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences, pioneers new approaches to the modeling, simulation, and optimization of aerospace, naval, energy, and biomedical systems by leveraging synergies between computational mechanics, geometry, and approximation theory.  Current research directions include:

  1. Isogeometric Analysis: Development of fully-integrated computer-aided design and analysis technologies using the framework of isogeometric analysis, a novel computational approach which offers the possibility of integrating finite element analysis into conventional CAD tools.
  2. Immersogeometric Analysis: Development of unfitted numerical methods for the simulation of physical systems exhibiting a change in domain geometry or domain topology such as the flow of air past a wind turbine or the flood of blood past the valves in the human heart.
  3. Immersive Simulation: Development of computational steering technologies that enable a user to modify a simulation domain geometry while the simulation is ongoing.
  4. Structure-Preserving Methods: Development of structure-preserving numerical methods for complex turbulent fluid flow, fluid-structure interaction, and magnetohydrodynamics.
  5. Data-Driven Turbulence Modeling: Development of data-driven Reynolds Averaged Navier-Stokes and Large Eddy Simulation models for complex turbulent fluid flow.
  6. Variational Multiscale Turbulence Modeling: Development of residual-based variational multiscale approaches for modeling and simulation of complex turbulent fluid flow.
  7. Geometrically Exact Mesh Generation: Development of algorithms for the automatic generation of high quality, geometrically exact curvilinear meshes from standard CAD descriptions.
  8. Shape and Topology Optimization: Development of isogeometric shape and immersogeometric topology optimization modules for aerospace, naval, energy, and biomedical systems.

The overarching goals of the CMGLab are to introduce new methods and algorithms which markedly and simultaneously improve the reliability, robustness, and accuracy of numerical simulation and to facilitate the use of computation in engineering design through the development of design-aware simulation technologies.

CMGLab New

CMGLab Fall 2019

Left to Right: Daniel Lee, Grant Norman, Grayson Tong, Emily Jordan, David Gunderman, Tommy Kava, John Evans, DeAnna Gilchrist, James Wright, Basu Parmar, Aviral Prakash, and Corey Wetterer-Nelson


CMGLab Spring 2018

Back Row (Left to Right): Eric Peters, Luke Engvall, John Evans, Nicholas Moore, Ryan Aronson, Joseph Benzaken, Corey Wetterer-Nelson
Front Row (Left to Right): Ansel Rothstein-Dowden, Frits de Prenter, DeAnna Gilchrist, Arvind Dudi

"...but I do not care much for particular discoveries... what I most desire is to perfect the art of inventing in general, and to create more methods, as solutions to many problems; since a single method comprises an infinity of solutions."
- Excerpt from Letter from Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz to Duke Ernst August, 1685/87