The CMGLAB actively develops open-source software packages for computer-aided design, analysis, and optimization.  As these packages mature, they will be made available on this page.

IGA2D Logo

IGA2D is an educational suite of software tools for isogeometric analysis of systems of two-dimensional partial differential equations including heat conduction, linear elasticity, structural vibrations and wave propagation, elastodynamics, hyperelasticity, and incompressible fluid flow.  The implementation of IGA2D closely follows the course notes for ``Isogeometric Methods'', available here and taught for the first time at the University of Colorado Boulder in Fall 2014.  MATLAB and C++ releases of IGA2D are currently available.  Please contact John Evans for more information.

TriGA Logo

TrIGA is a software package for constructing unstructured isogeometric triangular and tetrahedral meshes from a set of boundary NURBS curves (in two spatial dimensions) or NURBS/T-spline surfaces (in three spatial dimensions). TriGA is still actively in development, but an alpha release in MATLAB with two-dimensional capabilities is available. Please contact Luke Engvall for more information.

The development of TrIGA is based upon work supported by the National Science Graduate Research Fellowship Program under Grant No. DGE 1144083.