The Interdisciplinary Research Themes (IRTs) were initiated by the College of Engineering & Applied Sciences to build on our college and campus strengths. The Quantum Integrated Sensor System IRT focused predominantly on translating quantum technologies, in particular quantum sensors, towards practical applications. In January 2019, the QISS IRT merged into the CUbit Quantum Initiative, which will advance science and engineering efforts in quantum at the campus level. Both former directors of the IRT, Associate Professor Juliet Gopinath in CEAS and Professor Dana Anderson in physics, have leadership roles in the initiative. Gopinath serves as the associate director while Anderson supports industry engagement. 

Original Objectives

  • Bring together researchers from different disciplines to research, understand, and develop quantum sensor technologies.
  • Foster interdisciplinary collaboration on large scale research projects to strengthen our societal impact.
  • Create new partnerships with industry.

2018 QISS Report PDF