This page lists all ongoing and past projects funded by QISS IRT seed grants. Much of this work was carried into the CUbit initiative through the Quantum Explorations in Science and Technology (QuEST) funding opportunity made available in October 2018 to multi-disciplinary, trans-institutional research partnerships that will be competitive for future funding opportunities of the National Quantum Initiative and other quantum research solicitations. Funding for those grants came from the CU Boulder Research & Innovation Office, the College of Engineering and Applied Science, the College of Arts and Sciences, JILA and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).


Frequency Combs in Liquid Droplet Micro-Resonantors as a Light Source for Quantum Entanglement

PIs: Jiangang Zhu, Mo Zohrabi, Victor Bright, Juliet Gopinath

The proposed work is to develop a compact, entangled frequency comb source based on stimulated Raman scattering (SRS) in a liquid droplet micro-resonator, for quantum sensing applications.

Chip-Scale Squeezed Light Optical Magnetometer

PIs: Shu-Wei Huang, Svenja Knappe

Leveraging our experiences in chip-scale microresonator optical parametric oscillator, the PI will investigate the chip-scale light squeezing scheme and collaborate with the co-PI to devise an integrated solution to enhance the applicability of the squeezed light optical magnetometer. 

Space-Time Correlated Single Photon Detection for Quantum Sensing

PIs: Kelvin Wagner, Jeffrey Thayer

We will acquire the most recently introduced commerical single-photon avalanche-detector array with 1024 detectors in a 32x32 array and 55 psec time resolution on each array pixel for use in LIDAR, quantum optics, and other QISS projects as a loanable resource for the use by all CU QISS researchers.