This page lists all projects that are sponsored by IRT seed grants and their PIs. 


Proximity, Contact, and Force Sensing Prosthetic Finger Tip Material for DARPA HAPTIX Program
Jacob Segil and Richard Weir (Anschutz)

Smart-Particle Adhesives
Yifu Ding, Jianliang Xiao, and Rong Long

Power for multi-functional materials systems and soft robotics: a survey
: John Pellegrino, Robert McLeod and Hanh-Phuc Le

A Self-Normalizing, Adaptive, Pneumatic (SNAP) Approach to Lower Limb Amputee Care
PI: Mark Rentschler and Dr. Noel So (Veterans Affairs Hospital)

Prototyping Support for Multi-Functional Textiles Research
: Laura Devendorf and Allison Anderson

Clothing with Wireless Powering
PIs: Zoya Popovic and Khurram Afridi

Integrated stretchable heating circuits and liquid crystal elastomers for soft robotics and artificial muscles
PIs: Jianliang Xiao and Kai Yu (CU Denver)

Evaluation of Mechanochemical Bond Breakages at the Edges of Soft Hydrogels​
PIs: Andrew Goodwin, Christopher Bowman and Rong Long

Self-organized Mechanical Load Bearing in Bee Swarms: 3D Structure Reconstruction via X–ray
: Orit Peleg and Franck Vernerey

Support to join the NextFlex Manufacturing Institute
PIs: Greogry Whiting, Christoph Keplinger, Sean Shaheen and Jianliang Xiao

Mesoscale model development for multi-interface materials
PIs: Sanghamitra Neogi and Jed Brown

Multifunctional electronic skins for applications in prosthetics and spacesuits
PIs: Jianliang Xiao, Wei Zhang, Allison Anderson, and Jacob Segil

Living Building Materials for Regenerative Architecture
PIs: Wil Srubar, Gregor Henze, and Ginger Ferguson

Smart, Strain-Sensing Structures Inspired by Bone
Ginger Ferguson, Sean Humbert and Greogry Whiting

Functional Microbubble Swarms: Theory and Experiment
PIs: Mark Borden, Franck Vernerey, Orit Peleg

Leveraging Novel Tactile Robotic Materials to Solve Molyneux's Problem
Bradley Hayes and Christoffer Heckman

Development of Artificial Muscles for Prosthetic Devices using Hydraulically Amplified Self-healing Electrostatic (HASEL) Actuators
PIs: Jacob Segil and Christoph Keplinger

Wireless Active Bandages
PIs: Richard Han, Tam Vu, Greogry Whiting, Nikolaus CorrellLaura Devendorf 

Electrowetting Liquid Metal for Reflective Adaptive Optical Devices 
PIs: Victor Bright and Juliet Gopinath 

​Precision AGricultural and Ecological Sensing (PAGES)
PIs: Robert McCleod (ECEE), Gregory Whiting (ME), Tam Vu (CS)

Power Hungry: Fuel cells harvesting biofluids for renewable power of wearable medical devices
PIs: John Pellegrino (ME), Jacob Segil (E+), Richard Weir (UCD Bioeng)

Multifunctional Living Membranes for Indoor Environments
PIs: Wil Srubar (CEAE), Gregor Henze (CEAE)

Multi­Process Autonomous Digital Manufacturing of Tactile Physical Input Devices
PIs: Gregory Whiting (ME), Ellen Do (ATLAS/CS)