moneyCollecting funds

Student organizations are required to comply with policies for appropriate methods of collecting funds on campus for on-campus events and activities. A cash box can be requested on BuffConnect under the Forms section (located within the Admin Dashboard).

CUUF policy

Campus Use of University Facilities (CUUF) addresses policies and procedures pertaining to indoor and outdoor use of space, as well as, advertising and marketing policies on campus.

Mailing address

Checks for student organizations may be sent directly the CSI Finance office. It is very important for the sender to clearly address what student organization the mail is for. Upon receipt, CSI Finance will email the student organization informing them their check has been received.  

Center for Student Involvement
1669 Euclid Ave.
207 UCB, UMC 330
Boulder, CO 80309

Marketing guidelines

Designs using CU trademarks must be approved by Strategic Relations & Communications. A trademark includes logos, symbols, nicknames, letters, words or a combination of these associated with the University of Colorado. AgoraCX is available for students to shop branded materials; all designs are streamlined for trademark approval during the ordering process.

Student fee regulations

Student fee funds may not be used to purchase advertising, food or items that will be used for fundraising purposes. Student fees cannot be used directly or indirectly towards the purpose of fundraising for a third-party (outside the university), including student organizations.

Tax deduction

Only donations through CU Crowdfunding are tax-deductible for the donor.

Taxes and fees

Sales tax from the proceeds of food, non-food items and admissions must be remitted to local and state governments. CSI Finance will deduct the appropriate tax from proceeds collected by student organizations and remit on their behalf. Current food sales tax is 8.995%, non-food sales tax is 8.845% and admission tax is 5.0%.

Student organizations that are non-profit and have a sales tax exemption certificate can submit the form to CSI Finance to have sales tax exempt. Student organizations that are a chapter of a non-profit, and do not have their own certificate, must receive written authorization and a copy of a tax exemption certificate from the non-profit office. Written authorization must be provided for each fundraising instance.   

The university charges a general administrative recharge (GAR) fee for all transactions processed through its system. CSI Finance will deduct the current GAR rate from all deposits into student organization accounts so BuffConnect reflects the spendable balance available to the student organization.


Some individuals and businesses may require a W-9 for tax deduction purposes when planning to sponsor or donate to a student organization. Unfortunately, because student organizations are not considered “part of” the university, student organizations may not use the university’s W-9 for fundraising.

Student organizations may apply for an EIN number with the IRS which is needed to complete a W-9 form. CSI Finance cannot assist student organizations in obtaining an EIN, and student organizations with an EIN number may be responsible for reporting income to the IRS.

It is the responsibility of the organization to consider income tax implications when entering into sponsorship agreements and selling through third-party vendors.