Recognized Student Organization Handbook
The Recognized Student Organization (RSO) Handbook provides important information for all student organization leaders, advisors, and students looking to start new organizations. The handbook includes a variety of important university policies, procedures, and resources.

Student Fee Regulations (SFRs)
Fiscal rules put in place by University of Colorado Student Government (CUSG), which affects all student fee monies.

Student Organization Allocations Committee (SOAC)
A CUSG funding board that provides funding to student organizations for operations, travel and events.

Campus Use of University Facilities (CUUF)
A CU-campus policy that governs the use of University organizations, buildings and facilities on campus---containing policies on lawn signs, chalking, distribution of literature, outdoor events, etc.

Licensing: Student Guide for Using Trademarks
The University of Colorado owns and controls its logos and trademarks. Recognized Student Organizations do not have use of these logos and trademarks. Student organizations may also request an official logo be created for them:  Logo Policy or Request a Custom Logo.

Discrimination and Harassment Policy and Procedures

Fraternity Reaffiliation Policy

International Travel

There are a number of important university policies and procedures when considering traveling abroar.

UAS Policy

The university unmanned aircraft system (UAS) or drone policy applies to all faculty, staff, students, and student organizations.  Student organizations formed with the intent of using drones or with the interest in using drones on-campus should consult the policy as well as the Center for Student Involvement.

Hazing within student organizations is strictly prohibited.

Hazing is defined as:
Any action or situation that recklessly or intentionally endangers the health, safety, or welfare of an individual for the purpose of initiation, participation, admission into, or affiliation with any organization at the University. Hazing includes, but is not limited to, any abuse of a mental or physical nature, forced consumption of any food, liquor, drugs, or substances, or any forced physical activity that could adversely affect the health or safety of the individual. Hazing also includes any activity that would subject the individual to embarrassment or humiliation, the willingness of the participant in such activity notwithstanding.

If you become aware of any potential act of hazing, please call Victim Assistance at 303-492-8855.


It is encouraged that student organizations be open to all full-fee-paying students. This is not a requirement, but a condition for receiving student fee funding for operations, events and travel.

Student Fee Regulations:

  • Student Fees may not be used in support of any organizations that systematically exclude from participation any student on the basis of religion, race ethnicity, nationality, creed, sexual orientation, marital status, age, gender, political affiliation and/or physical disability.
  • Honor societies that discriminate on the basis of G.P.A., academic achievement, class standing, and fraternities and sororities or any organizations which do not have membership open to all students may be funded only for events they sponsor which are on campus, free, and open to the public.
  • Competitive organizations will receive student fee monies under the agreement that secondary teams or organizations will be created for those students that do not qualify for the main team. As many organizations as possible will be created to fulfill the need, until facility space has been exhausted.

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