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CU Boulder has a number of policies and procedures to ensure student safety, as well as protect the rights and abilities of all students. This small sampling highlights how these policies could impact your organization's events.

For a comprehensive list of all RSO-related policies (including the full policies), visit our policy list.

Campus Use of University Facilities (CUUF)

Establishes the parameters for using the entire Boulder campus, which includes all indoor and outdoor spaces.

CUUF also outlines the use of:

  • Facility usage priorities
  • Rules on camping
  • Posting flyers, banners and chalking
  • Vendor sales and fundraising
  • Temporary structures
  • Security and parking
  • Distribution of literature

The full CUUF policy can be found here: CUUF Policy

Outdoor Events and Programs:

Usually require a little extra time and planning. It is important that your event is safe, well-organized and that it doesn’t interfere with classes, block sidewalks or damage any lawns or landscaped areas, so you will need to work with several campus approving authorities.

Plan for these aspects:

  • Trash collection
  • Recycling/composting
  • Parking
  • Security
  • Sanitary facilities
  • Power sources (generator, electrical outlets)
  • Insurance requirements
  • Preventing noise violations
  • Providing adequate lighting if after dusk
  • Mitigating damage to landscaping

CUUF policy states: Outdoor events shall be held subject to all of the rules, practices and administrative procedures now or thereafter in place with respect to such performances or events, and subject to the following requirements:

  • Events in Folsom Stadium shall be on a reserved-seat basis only.
  • Evening/night events shall be concluded by no later than 10:30 p.m. Events scheduled at facilities without adequate lighting shall be concluded before dusk.
  • At their expense, the sponsor and/or promoter of the event shall make adequate prior arrangements for, and see to it that, adequate sanitary facilities within and in the vicinity of the place where the performance is held are available before, during and for a reasonable period following the conclusion of the event.
  • At the expense of the promoter and/or sponsor, an adequate security force as approved by CUPD shall be on hand and in place prior to, during and for a reasonable period after the conclusion of the event.

Events with Alcohol

If you are hosting an event where alcohol will be served, you will need approval from the Department of Public Safety, Risk Management and the University Controller. You will also need to have approval from the scheduling authority that is in charge of your venue.

It is important that measures are in place to assure that there is no underage drinking or alcohol abuse. Also, most university funds cannot be used for alcohol. Please see the Center for Student Involvement well before your scheduled event if you are planning to have alcohol at an on-campus event. Read more about events with alcohol and the Campus Alcohol Policy.

Amplified Sound

As not to disrupt classes, the campus and Boulder community, it is important to work with campus event approvers to assure that amplified sound falls within campus guidelines and limits.

(via CUUF): During the academic school year no use of amplified sound will be permitted before 9 a.m. on any day or after 10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and after 10:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday. During the remainder of the calendar year, no use of amplified music will be permitted before 9 a.m. or after 8:30 p.m. on any day. At no time shall the level of noise, amplified or unamplified, exceed 80 decibels on the A scale sustained for more than 15 seconds when measured at the perimeter of the campus surrounding the event. Amplified sound is not permitted on Norlin Quadrangle except as specified in VII. D. 6. d. It shall be the responsibility of the managers of Special Use Facilities, or the Non-Academic Scheduling Office for all other campus facilities, to ensure that event organizers understand this policy, and that an appropriate mechanism for compliance is in place during the event to enable the university to respond to citizen complaints. At a minimum a member of the sponsoring organization shall be present throughout the event to serve as point of contact. University officials (e.g., representatives from the Chancellor’s office, Vice Chancellor’s office or CUPD) have the authority to require a reduction in the noise level to bring the event into compliance with this policy. Failure to comply within a reasonable period of time may result in a termination of the event, fines and/or forfeiture of future use of university facilities. This section is not to be interpreted as a denial of the right to peaceful meetings, protests or petitions for redress, nor is it a denial of the right to have such meetings, protests, or petitions taking place in the vicinity of those to whom they are directed.

Security and Police

In order to assure that events are safe for all attendees and that no damage is being done to buildings or lawn areas, security may be required.

Generally speaking, the larger the event, the more security is needed. Smaller events, meetings and lectures with fewer than 100 attendees usually don’t require security although requirements can vary depending on time of day and venue. Events held in buildings after regular working hours will require the hiring of security guards through the Department of Public Safety to unlock and staff the buildings for the duration of the events.

Events with 600 participants or more will require CU Police to staff them. This can significantly increase the cost of the event so do be sure to plan for this expense in the event's budget. Large or complex events will be required to attend a SAFE Meeting where security needs and their costs will be discussed.