Campus protests have been a part of the higher education landscape for many years and are part of a process for students to voice their concerns, address needs and advocate for specific things on campus and beyond. Protests represent one piece of organizing around change on a college campus and while the most visible, often is the culmination of many hours of work for student organizers.  

Whether you’re contemplating participating in a demonstration or well-versed in protest experiences, we want to provide some helpful tools to help make the most of your experience. Below is a list of resources for you to use for demonstration planning/participation on and off campus.  

At the stage where planning an event, demonstration, or protest will help shape your advocacy? It’s important to know what campus policies exist as well as what resources you have to support your efforts. 

Event planning guide for students and student organizations at CU Boulder  

Contact CU Events Planning & Catering to reserve your event space

Campus Use of University Facilities establishes the parameters for using the entire Boulder campus, which includes all indoor and outdoor spaces. This resource is helpful in learning and understanding what is allowable on campus for this such as chalking, canvassing, amplified sound and posting flyers. 

Check out CSI’s marketing and advertising guide for detailed information on how to get the word out about your events.  

Needing to focus your efforts towards virtual events and meetings? Check out these resources for engaging people virtually.  

Student Code of Conduct

Colorado Creed 

Campus election website