As part of its commitment to confidentiality and privacy, CU does not include personally identifiable information in publically available records (such as the Clery report), keeps information about assistance and investigations confidential to the greatest extent possible, and only shares information with other university employees who have a legitimate need to know.

In most cases, information about a sexual misconduct investigation and report, including name of the Complainant, may be shared with the Respondent, witnesses and with University officials who have a legitimate need to know.  Beyond that, CU Boulder will take steps to protect the identities of all individuals involved.

All records, reports and investigations relating to sexual misconduct or protected class discrimination and harassment shall be considered confidential and shall not be disclosed publicly except to the extent required by law.

Office of Victim Assistance (OVA)

The Office of Victim Assistance is a free and confidential counseling and advocacy center. Contacting OVA may be done by phone at 303-492-8855, email at, or online through the office’s confidential reporting site. In each case, CU community members (students, staff, faculty, and their significant others) may confidentially let the Office of Victim Assistance know about harmful and/or traumatic events they have experienced, and this does NOT constitute a report to the University or law enforcement.

Individuals may report and seek support through OVA around recent or past occurrences such as bias-motivated incidents, sexual assaults, harassment, hazing, dating and domestic abuse, stalking, serious accidents, physical assaults, discrimination or other traumatic experiences. The information will go only to the Office of Victim Assistance, a confidential office on campus.

Counseling & Psychiatric Services (CAPS)

Counseling & Psychiatric Services maintains confidentiality for all clients seen in the center. Counseling records are kept separate from academic and student health records and cannot be accessed by faculty, staff, parents or non-CAPS staff without written consent. All services are in accordance with state laws.

Faculty Staff Assistance Program (FSAP)

The Faculty Staff Assistance Program offers short-term, confidential counseling to staff and can provide referrals to community and university resources.