2020 Spring Poster Session


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Don Bell-Souder

Cortical Hemodynamic Responses to Degraded Speech Shows Activation in Right Fronto-temporal Cortex and Broca's Area

Don is an ICS PhD student.

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R. McKell Carter

Topological Brain Network Changes in Psychiatric Disorders

McKell is an ICS Assistant Professor.

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Alex Chakarov

Introducing Middle School Students to Programmable Sensor Technologies Through an Immersive Experience

Alex is a newly minted PhD at ICS/Computer Science..

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Janghee Cho

Reflection in Theory and Reflection in Practice: An Exploration of the Gaps in Reflection Support among Personal Informatics Apps

Janghee is a PhD student in ICS and Information Science.

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Ergin İşleyen

Using Artificial Intelligence for Roof Fall Hazard Identification in Limestone Mines

Ergin is a PhD student Colorado School of Mines, working with McKell Carston.

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Jessica Finocchiaro

Calibrated Losses for the Abstain Property

Jessica is a PhD student in Computer Science, and works with Rafael Frongillo ICS Fellow.

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Phillip Gilley

ERPs Reveal Predictive Activation of Word Form Features in Sensory Cortex

Phillip is a Research Associate at ICS.

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Phillip Gilley

Neural Habituation of the Mismatch Response Predicts Pattern Detection and Speech Discrimination in Infants

Phillip is a Research Associate at ICS.

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Mohammad Habib

Mood Induction in the Wild: Validation of a Brief and Mobile Negative Affect Induction for Use in Acute Drug Effects Research

Mohammad is an undergraduate Research Assistant at ICS/CU CHANGE.

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Leah Hitchcock

Acute Effects of Concentrated Cannabis on Balance and Movement Speed: Smartphone-based Mobile Assessment

Leah is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at ICS/CU CHANGE Lab.

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Leah Hitchcock

Migraines & Cannabis Relief: Online Survey Results from Users in Legal States

Leah is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at ICS/CU CHANGE Lab.

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Shirley Huang

Cantonese-English Bilingual Preschool Children's Exposure to Emotion-Words: Results from a Questionnaire and a Story-telling Task

Shirley is a PhD student in ICS and the Department of Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences.

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Xiaolei Huang

Language Shift Odyssey and Dynamic Word Embedding​

Xiaolei is a PhD candidate in Information Sciences.

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Stephen Hunt

A Gaze-Based Attention-Aware Technology to Address Mind Wandering during Learning in Classrooms

Stephen is PhD candidate in Computer Science.

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Emily Jensen

Toward Automated Feedback on Teacher Discourse to Enhance Teacher Learning

Emily is a PhD student in ICS and Computer Science.

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Clayton Lewis

Conversational Agents for People with Cognitive Disabilities

Clayton is and ICS Fellow and Professor of Computer Science.

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Shannon Mcknight

Vector Representations Of Semantic Similarity Capture Facilitation Effects of Context on the N400

Shannon is a PhD student in ICS/Psychology and Neuroscience.

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Alexander Napolitan

Behavioral Economic Demands for Cannabis: A Preliminary Extension to High Potency Concentrates

Alexander is a Professional Research Assistant at ICS/CU CHANGE Lab.

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William Penuel

inquiryHub: A Research-Practice Partnership Promoting Equity and Justice in STEM Education

BIll is an ICS Faculty member and Professor in the School of Education.

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Ali Raza

Scaffolding Teachers Sense-making for Classroom Equity using Visual Analytics

Ali is a PhD student at ICS and Computer Science.

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Carly Schimmel

Brain Changes in Mild to Moderate Hearing Loss After Hearing Aid Use

Carly is an ICS PhD and AuD student in the Department of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences.

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Michael Schneider

Pin Status: an Arduino Debugging Library for High School E-Textile Courses

Michael is a PhD student at ICS and Department of Computer Science and conducts research in the Craft Tech Lab

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Angela Stewart

Beyond Team Makeup: Diversity in Teams Predicts Valued Outcomes in Computer-Mediated Collaborations

Angela is a PhD candidate in Computer Science.

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Abhijit Suresh

Using Pre-trained Neural Networks to Validate the Impact of Distinct Clusters of Neurons for Object Recognition Task

Abhijit is a PhD student at ICS/Computer Science/Psychology and NeuroScience.

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