ICS Assistant Research Professor Dr. Cinnamon Bidwell's lab centers on translational studies investigating the effects of abused drugs and how these effects impact psychological and physical health acutely and chronically. For over a decade, Dr. Bidwell has been building on her training in studies of drug dependence, neurobehavior, and co-occurring psychiatric disorders. She has expertise in human laboratory studies on cannabis, cannabinoids, alcohol, and nicotine, and maintains research projects in the underlying factors that contribute to successful clinical treatment of psychiatric and substance use conditions. Her current research investigates the direct neurobiological effects of drugs of abuse, including high potency marijuana and cannabinoids in psychiatric and medical populations and the direct physiological and behavioral effects of cannabinoids as they pertain to both their abuse potential and potential therapeutic effects in observational as well as double-blind, placebo controlled human laboratory studies. 

Currently, Dr. Bidwell is working on a grant from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) to study the effects of using high-potency cannabis, informally known as “dabbing.” You can read more about this study below:

CU Boulder researchers receive state grant to study high-potency marijuana effects

CU Boulder researchers to study effects of 'dabs' with $839K state grant