Final copies of honors theses must be submitted to theĀ Undergraduate Honors Theses repository on CU Scholar. We cannot accept theses uploaded to other CU Scholar repositories.

Thesis Author Guidelines

  • Reviewing Your Thesis Record: Once you upload your thesis, you will receive an automated email with a link to your thesis record. You can make corrections to your thesis and thesis record until your thesis record is made public (usually one to three weeks after the final copy deadline). Please review your thesis record as soon as possible so you have time to make any needed corrections. We cannot change theses after they are live on CU Scholar.
  • Compatible File Types: CU Scholar is compatible with Microsoft Word documents and PDFs. If you upload your thesis as a Word document, CU Scholar will autoconvert the file to PDF. Please review the PDF version as soon as possible to make sure none of your formatting was lost.
  • Embargoes: If your thesis requires an embargo, you will have the ability to embargo your thesis as part of the upload process. Theses under embargo still have a visible record within CU Scholar, serving as proof that the thesis was completed and defended, but the thesis is not available to view until the embargo has ended. The scholarly librarians at CU Boulder recommend that embargoes last no longer than 18-24 months.
  • Associated Works: If your thesis has associated works (ex. art, film, recording), you'll have the option to either upload or link to additional files.
  • Timeline for Posting: The Honors Program is required to vet all honors thesis submissions before posting them to CU Scholar; this process usually takes one to three weeks from the final copy deadline. After a thesis is posted to CU Scholar, no additional changes can be made.

Submit Your Thesis