Honors Program Summer Office Hours

Mondays through Fridays remotely from 9:00am-5:00pm until further notice - please check back for updates
* In-person office hours by appointment *

Main office:  Norlin Library (LIBR) M400M

Directions:  Use the west entrance of Norlin.  Turn right and take the southwest stairs to the 4th floor; we're to the right at the 4th floor landing.  If you prefer the elevator, use the west entrance of Norlin and locate the elevator in the alcove just before the northwest set of stairs.  Take it to the 4th floor.  When exiting the elevator, make a left "u-turn" down the hall.  Follow the long hall towards the recycling bins and turn right at the bend.  Our office is just ahead to your right past our bulletin board.  We look forward to seeing you!

If you need help finding Norlin Library, please click here to view a map

*Virtual office hours (phone, Teams, Zoom, and email) are Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm

Do you have general questions about the Honors Program?
Do you have questions about the Thesis process?
Are you a prospective student or parent and want to talk about Honors?
Do you have questions about registering for a class?
Is there something else we can help with?

Here are your options to reach us:


Note:  For questions about the Honors RAP or classes with sections ending in "R" please contact Carmen Jura at hrap@colorado.edu

**Students, faculty, and staff:

Microsoft Teams is available for free via OIT.  It is a convenient way to text chat, make audio calls, and make video calls to us and others on campus.
For instructions on installation, click here to visit OIT's informational webpage.