Published: April 6, 2023

Champions of Open Educational Resources honored for achieving savings for students 2023 awardees helped create open access learning materials

Sheena Barnes, David Paradis, Todd Saliman

 Pictured: Sheena Barnes (HistPhD'22), Associate Teaching Professor David Paradis, and CU President Todd Saliman

President Todd Saliman – along with the Office of Academic Affairs and the Open CU Committee – recently honored the four recipients of the 2023 Open Educational Resources (OER) Champion Awards. 

The honor celebrates an educator from each of the four CU campuses who contributes to the open educational movement through the creation of open access learning materials, and in so doing, increases OER awareness and interest in exploring, adopting and creating OER to benefit CU students.

This year’s resources included openly accessible/no-cost textbooks, curriculum based on open software, and open augmented reality anatomy models. For the first time, students this year received OER Champion Awards as key collaborators of the honored educators.

In the five years since the award’s inception, open educational resources have provided CU students open access valued at nearly $2 million in learning material cost savings.

The 2023 OER Champion Awards were presented at an event March 10 at 1800 Grant St. The recipients are:

CU Boulder

David Paradis, associate teaching professor, Department of History

Also recognized: Sheena Barnes, former graduate student, Department of History; Abbey Lagemann, former graduate student, Department of History

Awarded for: Creation of the Origins of European History open textbook in collaboration with students Barnes and Lagemann


  • Cost savings to CU Boulder students of approximately $15,750 annually
  • Creating a customized course text that directly addresses students’ needs

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