Panoramic view of farrand field with students hanging out outside.

It can feel overwhelming to experience a number of changes all at once, even when they’re positive. As restrictions loosen, we may find ourselves stepping out into a world that feels different or uncertain. 

Whether you’re graduating, taking summer classes or preparing for break, here are a few tips to help you thrive during times of transition and change.

Allow yourself to feel a range of emotions

Change can be difficult, even when it’s positive. As you move through changes, it’s important to allow yourself to feel each emotion that comes up for you (anxiety, tiredness, excitement, etc.). Remember that you can hold multiple emotions at once, and there isn’t always a clear answer as to how you should feel. For instance, you can be optimistic about things opening up and nervous to get back to normal, excited for summer and sad to leave your friends, glad for a break and bored all at the same time. Acknowledging and validating those feelings can help you move through change in a mindful way.

Identify and act on things you can control

It’s also important to identify and understand the things that are within your control. What you do with that information is equally important. Here are a few ways to identify and act on things you can control: