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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to participate in a campus event, class or workshop? Current students are here to share their experience trying out a variety of opportunities on campus, what to expect and what it’s like to participate!

Dana Z., a CU Boulder senior, recently attended Glutes, Core and More through the Rec Center’s virtual group fitness program. 

Exercise has a number of benefits: It helps us focus, reduces stress and feel more connected. Working out at the Rec Center on campus is one of my favorite activities between classes. While we may not have access to the gym at the moment, that doesn’t mean we should have to give up our workout routine. In fact, the Rec Center offers a number of online activities to ensure all students are able to improve and maintain their health and wellness.

One of my favorite workout classes has been Glutes, Core, and More with Jenna. This full-body workout doesn’t require any extra equipment, so it’s perfect to do at home (or anywhere). You also don’t need a ton of room, so if you have a small space like I do, you will still be able to get the full impact of the workout.

Having a live class that I can join on Zoom has been a lot of fun! With Zoom workout classes, the instructor is available to provide input on things like form or how to modify moves to accommodate each person’s unique body and ability. This also makes the class more personal. With modifications and help from Jenna, I felt like I didn’t have to start from square one to find a new workout class that works for me. 

Glutes, Core, and More is based on circuits that involve doing three different exercises that are repeated three times, followed by a much needed water break. Seriously, get ready to sweat! During the break Jenna helps explain the next set of exercises so to prepare us for our circuit. I also love that we are able to see an instructor doing the exercise with us, and she is able to answer questions on the fly. 

Having the option to stay active with live workout classes through the Rec Center has helped me adjust to life during COVID-19. While some things might be changing, it doesn’t mean we have to give up our favorite things. I am reminded of how strong we are as a CU community every time I log in to class. Check it out, Buffs!

For a full list of virtual classes and resources from the Rec Center visit the Virtual Rec page.

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