Weekly Write-Ins

Do you need a dedicated time and space to help you focus on your writing? Sign up to attend our weekly write-in sessions. The goal of these sessions is to promote accountability by devoting a few hours to your writing each week and by tracking your progress. 

We will host the weekly write-in session every Tuesday from 8:30 a.m. - 12 p.m., with alternating locations on Main Campus & East Campus every other week. We will offer a remote option for grad students who can't attend in-person.

Sign up to attend the Weekly Write-Ins

Writing Retreats

Are you a procrastinator who suffers from writing anxiety? Is writing your thesis or dissertation leaving you in isolation?

Every January, May, and August, join other graduate students for a four-day writing retreat that will provide the time and community needed to focus on making progress on your writing projects and goals. Brief programming will be presented at the begining of each writing session to provide you with tools and tips to help you with productivity. A writing consultant from the Writing Center will be available for one-on-one meetings to workshop papers and chapters of dissertations and theses. If you are having trouble making dedicated time for your writing, our writing retreats are for you! Open to all graduate students. Contact the Graduate Program Manager at Hailey.Herman@colorado.edu to find out details about our next writing retreat.

Writing Center

The Writing Center offers a suite of services for graduate students including standard 50-minute one-to-one sessions through our main appointment schedule, workshops, and extended writing support in the form of recurring sessions.