Published: Sept. 15, 2021

To our graduate and professional colleagues,

We hope you are getting settled into the rhythm of teaching and research. Please see below for a weekly update from the Graduate and Professional Student Government, which you should also be receiving from your department representative or college senator.

Upcoming events and opportunities:

GPSG Week in Review:

  • Met with CUSG Executives to discuss joint goals
  • Chairs & Directors meeting was focused on staff DEI, student graduation rates
  • We wrote a summary of grad and professional university dental insurance options, available here. The graduate school recently released some new information on this, please send us any questions you have so we can follow up with the graduate school.
  • We now have a weekly newsletter (here’s the link to sign up)!

If any questions arise, you can reach out to your representative or contact us at


We hope you stay safe and have a great week,

Emily JensenBarra Peak, and Bobby Vondrasek

GPSG Executive Team