Research in structural geology and tectonics seeks to define how and why deformation occurs within the earth at scales from mineral fabrics to lithospheric plates, and at time frames ranging from short-lived earthquake ruptures lasting only minutes to growth of mountain belts spanning tens of millions of years. Our research aims to understand the boundary stresses that drive strain, the role of rock strength in the growth of structures, mountain belts and oceans, and how the history of plate motions has shaped topics as diverse as seismicity, evolution and climate change. Faculty who undertake research in this field at the Department of Geological Sciences at CU Boulder include geodynamicists, structural geologists, geochronologists, seismologists, planetary geologists, geochemists, geodesists and geomorphologists. Structure and tectonics advances most clearly when multiple approaches are focused on the problems at hand, a point made by the frequent collaborations between faculty and graduate students in this research focus at CU Boulder.