John O'Loughlin
Professor of Geography • Political; Former Soviet Union; Post Communist Societies; Nationalism • Faculty Research Associate of IBS • Arts and Sciences College Professor of Distinction • Ph.D. Pennsylvania State University, 1973
Human Geography

Research Interests

John O'Loughlin's research interests are in the political geography of the post-Soviet Union, including Russian geopolitics, Eurasian de facto-states, and ethno-territorial nationalisms and post-conflict societies. He has also published on the diffusion of democracy, electoral geography, the geography of conflict, and the political geography of Nazi Germany. He teaches undergraduate classes in Political Geography, Geographies of Global Change, and the Geography of the former Soviet Union, and graduate classes in Political Geography and Nationalism. He serves on the Advisory Committee of the International Affairs undergraduate program. 

Recent Courses Taught

  • Spring 2021  GEOG 1962  Geographies of Global Change
  • Spring 2021  GEOG 3882  Geography of the Former Soviet Union
  • Fall 2020  GEOG 4712  Political Geography
  • Spring 2020  GEOG 1982  World Regional Geography
  • Fall 2019  GEOG 3882  Former Soviet Union
  • Spring 2019  GEOG 1962 Geographies of Global Change
  • Fall 2018  GEOG 4712/5712  Political Geography
  • Spring 2018  GEOG 3882  Former Soviet Union
  • Fall 2017  GEOG 1982  World Regional Geography 

More Personal Info

Summer 2013 - Historically, sixty-fifth birthdays have been for retirement parties and relaxation. But as older generations live active lifestyles for a longer portion of their lives, what was once an occasion to sit back is now a celebration of vitality. Johno celebrated his youth by hopping on his bike and riding 3,356.7 miles across the United States in just 42 days. Because of his professorial duties, he was on a tight schedule and had to ride as many as 120 miles in a day, while heading from Oregon to New Jersey. His chat with National Geography radio happened just hours after he finished the demanding ride.