Lauren Herwehe Kim
PhD Student of Geography • Natural Resource Conflict & Cooperation • Climate Vulnerability & Adaptation • Remote Sensing • Political Geography • MA from University of Arizona, 2014

Faculty Advisor:  John O'Loughlin

Current Research 

My research interests fall at the intersection of remote sensing, climate adaptation, and political geography. For my dissertation, I plan to employ a multimethod approach to explore how cyclones that are increasing in frequency and intensity with climate change, natural gas and mineral development by multinational corporations, and an ongoing civil war impact agricultural resource use in Cabo Delgado, Mozambique.

Recent Publications 

  • Herwehe, Lauren, and Christopher A. Scott. “Drought adaptation and development: small-scale irrigated agriculture in northeast Brazil.” Climate and Development 10.4 (2018): 337-346.
  • Lee, Ryan H., Lauren Herwehe, and Christopher A. Scott. “Integrating Local Users and Multitiered Institutions into the IWRM Process.” Sustainability of Integrated Water Resources Management. Springer, Cham, 2015. 365-386.
  • Herwehe, Lauren. “Developing Alaska’s Oil and Gas Resources: How Should the U.S. Proceed?” The Professional Geologist. November/December (2011): 15-16.

Updated November 2022