Published: Sept. 28, 2022
Program poster

Interested in studying abroad in Oaxaca, Mexico?  Come find out about SURCO’s 8-week summer program focusing on social movements and environmental justice!  We will have an information session on Monday, October 3 at 11a in Guggenheim 201e. The Director of SURCO and two CU participants from the Summer 2022 program will be on hand to answer questions about the course.


  • Summer Course (8 weeks)

  • Course focus on Social Movements & Environmental Justice

  • Intensive Spanish Home stays

  • Emphasis on field trips and interactive learning

  • The capital city of Oaxaca acts as the home for this dynamic program. SURCO, Servicios Universitarios y Redes De Conocimientos en Oaxaca

  • Journey to a number of communities throughout the state exploring topics that include: land tenure, social justice struggles, “green” energy, mining, neoliberalism, identity politics, migration, eco-technologies, gender equality and identity, coffee production, social and artisan cooperatives, non-governmental organizations

  •  During the first five weeks of the program, classes are dedicated to these topics and to developing a small independent research project that you will carry out during the last few weeks of the program. Lecture based classes are limited, and many class hours are spent in the field, visiting with community leaders, activists, non-profit organizations, community radios, etc.

  • Earn up to 9 Credits in 8 weeks.

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If you have questions, please contact Joe Bryan (