Published: Dec. 2, 2020

Holly Barnard

Holly Barnard

Professor Holly Barnard was notified the Geography department has been selected to join the AGU Bridge Program as an AGU Bridge Partner. The AGU Bridge Program partners with academic institutions across the country to recruit and retain underrepresented students who are applying to geoscience graduate schools. This means that Bridge Program students only have to fill out one common application form to apply to any of the Bridge program institutions. Student applications will be accepted starting in mid-December until 15 April 2021.


See the details on eligibility and qualifications for students to apply for the Bridge program. 

When an institution is accepted to be a Bridge partner, they have access to a growing database of AGU Bridge student applications and join a community of other institutions engaged in holistic admission practices.

The announcement was posted on the AGU website.

Selection Letter:

“It is our pleasure to inform you that your department has been selected to join the AGU Bridge Program as an AGU Bridge Partner. We congratulate your department on submitting a successful proposal. We look forward to making an impact, together, by increasing diversity in the Earth and space sciences. We are also excited to announce our official partnership with your department later today via AGU’s From the Prow post.

The next step in the onboarding process will occur in mid to late January 2021. In preparation for extending your department’s access to the AGU Bridge Program applicant pool, you will receive a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that will need to be signed by the department chair. The MOU details your proposed plan of action for supporting AGU Bridge Program Fellows/Students. The MOU will be used to facilitate departmental check-ins between your institution and AGU at key points during the year. The MOU will also include guidelines for accessing and reviewing student applicant data. The MOU must be signed and returned for your department to gain access to student application materials.

Additionally, the AGU Bridge Program staff will plan to host a virtual meeting (also in mid to late January) for all incoming Bridge Partner institutions to discuss overall program goals, facilitate introductions, and provide a forum for any program related questions or concerns. Please monitor your inbox for a related email to coordinate scheduling for this important meeting. Please feel free to email the AGU Bridge program directly at, if any questions or concerns arise in relation to your role as an AGU Bridge Partner. Congratulations again and we look forward to working with you.

Warm regards,
Pranoti Asher, Ph.D.
IGEN/AGU Bridge Program Director
AGU Assistant Director, Grants and Education Programs”