Published: April 27, 2018

2018 Spring newsletter cover with the table of contentsThe 2018 Spring Newsletter has been published and is available for viewing. The newsletter is packed with department news, student and faculty articles, and Emily Yeh's final "Message from the Chair" article. Articles include:

  • Message from the chair
  • John Pitlick: Guggenheim in the rearview mirror
  • Stefan Leyk: Extracting Geospatial Data from Historical Maps 
  • Fernando Riosmena: Is Climate Change A Driver of Migration?
  • Dylan Lanka: Solifluction Erosion
  • Kai Kresek: Perception of Neighborhood Space
  • Earth Lab Launches New Professional Certificate in Earth Data Analytics
  • Department News

All previous newsletters are on our Newsletters page.

For a more enjoyable reading experience, open a newsletter file and adjust your browser window to the same size as the newsletter page. The Table of Contents and other links are active within the document. Clicking on the black box at the top of each page returns the view to the Table of Contents.