Published: Nov. 17, 2017

    Tom Veblen portraitThe Department of Geography is very proud to announce Professor of Geography Tom Veblen has been named a University of Colorado Distinguished Professor by the Board of Regents. University of Colorado President Bruce Benson notified Tom of this outstanding honor.

    From President Bruce Benson's letter to Professor Veblen:
    "You are one of only 92 CU faculty members among the four campuses to have earned this distinction since its inception in 1977. 

    The dossier submitted for your nomination was extraordinary, and the systemwide committee of Distinguished Professors was impressed by the presentations made by Professors Emily Yeh and Thomas Swetnam.

    . . . On behalf of the University of Colorado community, I join Regent Chair Sue Sharkey in thanking you for your contributions to the University of Colorado".

    An internationally renowned scholar, Professor Veblen’s work has changed people’s understanding of temperate forests and the spatial and temporal dynamics of temperate forest landscapes. His work is widely recognized to have shaped the viewpoint that “disturbances”—fire, insect outbreaks, wind storms and (in some landscapes) landslides, etc.—are inherent, essential components of forest ecosystem functioning, rather than abnormal events in the overall forest ecology. His research has led to groundbreaking insights on the role of climate change in bark beetle epidemics and forest responses to beetle kill and fire in the Rockies.

    The University of Colorado extends the title of “Distinguished Professor” to recognize the outstanding contributions of CU faculty members to their academic disciplines. The title is the highest honor the University of Colorado bestows on its own faculty members. It signifies a very select group of faculty members who are leaders in their respective fields as attested to by national or international recognition and/or their significant public service achievements.

    Candidates nominated for a distinguished professorship must demonstrate accomplishments in accordance with university-wide criteria:

    • A record of distinguished performance in research or creative work. The professor's work has received national and (where appropriate) international recognition and the professor has had a major impact by changing, or greatly influencing the direction of his/her field. A significant amount of work has been done since the professor came to the respective CU campus.
    • An aggregate record of excellence in the promotion of learning and student attainment of knowledge and skills. The latter may include direction of undergraduate research and independent study, graduate research, theses, dissertations, clinical education and mentoring.
    • A record of outstanding service to the profession and to CU and/or affiliate institutions.

    See the University's news release.

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