Published: May 2, 2013

The University Consortium for Geographic Information Science (UCGIS) elected Barbara "babs" Buttenfield a UCGIS Fellow. According to UCGIS, her most important research contributions are in the area of map generalization and multiple representations. Her papers on the structure and scaling properties of cartographic lines were truly seminal and helped others to develop procedures for automated segmentation and structure recognition in line data, as well as automated parameter setting of generalization algorithms... Her work laid a foundation that led to the formation of the Commission on Generalization of the International Cartographic Association."

Babs will be honored at the upcoming annual symposium to be held at George Mason University 21-23 May 2013. The Fellows Program was created in 2010 to celebrate the extraordinary record of achievements of individuals in a variety of spatial disciplines and communities of practice that use spatial information. The new Fellows are elected by the UCGIS Board from a slate of nominees presented by the current UCGIS Fellows.