Published: Nov. 11, 2010
Fourmile Landscape Cover

The CU-Boulder Outreach has awarded Professor Tom Veblen $5000 for an outreach project focusing on historical perspectives and ecological impacts of the September 2010 Fourmile Canyon wildfire. The Fourmile Canyon fire was the most destructive wildland fire in Colorado's history, destroying more than 160 homes and burning over 6,000 acres of forest. There is an urgent need for historical perspective on wildfires and post-fire regeneration. Graduate students Meredith Gartner, Teresa Chapman, Cameron Naficy and Monica Rother will work on this project which will include an exhibit to be displayed at the CU-Boulder Museum on campus and a website on wildfire history and wildfire hazard in Boulder County to connect the Veblen lab’s fire research to local residents, K-12 educators, land managers, and policymakers.
See Outreach and Engagement- CU-Boulder for more information.