The Infrastructure & Sustainability Division Mentor Program (ISMP) is designed to provide our staff an opportunity for professional and personal development, along with ongoing learning. Mentor partner teams serve as role models to each other, providing support in identifying and pursuing career goals, and enhancing skills to prepare employees for future success in their careers with our department and the University of Colorado Boulder.

Partner teams are matched according to their respective experience and career goals. The role is completely voluntary and the match should be mutual between both parties. Each participant should be a good listener, have excellent communication skills, and enjoy sharing your knowledge.

If your department falls under the division of Infrastructure & Sustainability, please consider participating in this employee development opportunity. The benefits and value to you and your mentor or mentee can be unlimited depending on your involvement and commitment to the program. The program is voluntary, and the time commitment is determined by each  partnership. Partners are expected to meet at least twice a month. If you would like to partner with a specific person, please contact them ahead of time, and if they agree, list them on your program application.

To be considered for the program, you must be a certified employee (one year of employment in any of the departments within the division of Infrastructure & Sustainability) and in good standing, having received at least a satisfactory rating on your last performance evaluation, and have no attendance issues. If you are from another CU department and would like to participate in the program, please reach out to Kelsey Draper to discuss options.

Download the ISMP Program Handbook