Our Mission:  To promote a culture of discussion and improvement by clarifying and understanding what we do well, identifying what needs improvement, recognizing the knowledge of each individual, fostering a broader perspective, and providing the PD&C team members with the opportunity to share and be heard.

Our Process:  Through interviews and individual submittals, this group will gather lessons learned and suggestions from PD&C team members, facilities operations staff, other campus constituents, and outside vendors.  This information is categorized and archived on a spreadsheet that is available to leadership and used to create and implement improvements.

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Our Lessons:  Lessons Learned, gathered thus far from interviews with PD&C colleagues and external consultants and contractors about a variety of projects and processes on campus, can be reviewed by three categories: department, topic or project.

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Our History:  Recognizing the wealth of internal experience and knowledge possessed by individuals and teams within PD&C, the department embarked on an effort to capture the lessons learned across our organization.  In 2018, Zac Niehues commenced by hiring a civil engineering graduate student to research Lessons Learned programs in other organizations and businesses.  We borrowed from successful programs and we crafted a program that could be led and maintained by a small committee that would have rotating membership throughout the years.

Present Committee Members

Ben Hughes
John Kamprath
Jennifer Lee
Ryan Moeller
Holly Opansky
Christoper White

Past Committee Members

Jan Becker
Lori Black
Kristin Bostelman
Keith Gardner
Chelsea Haneman
Dena Heisner
Larry Hill
Noah Huber
Amy Kirtland
Zac Niehues
Britton Sears