Facilities Management Property Services is responsible for administering the disposal of all surplus property for the Boulder campus as per campus policy, more information can be found here.  The process for submitting your property for pick up by Surplus Property varies slightly based on the type of property you are ready to retire from use.  The procedures set in place are to protect the university and your department, please be sure you are familiar with the policy and the process.  

Our self-paced online training program walks you through all the information you need to properly submit a disposal request.  We strongly recommend that new users request access to the course and complete the Surplus Property Adventure.  The course will walk you through the policy and how to use the AssetWorks’ Asset Management Platform software for disposal requests. In doing so you will also earn session II credit for Property Accounting's Departmental Property Manager (DPM) certification. Please contact us with questions or for access to the course or AssetWorks: fmsurplus@colorado.edu

AssetWorks Training Videos
The video library below covers basic use of AssetWorks as well as more advanced topics.  We are adding training videos to the library regularly, please let us know if there is a topic you would like to see here!  The links in the right margin point to documents covering the Workflow process, the policy, and the individual steps of the process.  Feel free to download them or return here as needed to ensure you have the most up to date information.