Hellems Arts and Sciences

The Hellems Arts & Sciences and Mary Rippon Outdoor Theatre renovation project includes $42.1M in state capital construction funds to support capital renewal and $63.1M in cash spending authority to support needed programmatic improvements into one $105.16M project.

Anticipated Construction Start: Summer 2023
Anticipated Occupancy: December 2025
Budget: $105 million
Gross square footage: 95,065

Old Main Preservation

In 2021 a structural assessment of the building was completed by a structural engineer. A/E team is currently developing a design to address the recommendations of the report. The scope of work being evaluated consists of: a full structural restoration of the exterior façade of Old Main, foundation repairs and waterproofing, door and window repair and glazing replacement, exterior stair replacement/repairs, chimney & truss repairs, landscape and civil engineering restoration immediately around the building, and Pleasant Street long-term planning and short-term improvements.

Anticipated Construction Start: February 2024
Anticipated Occupancy: January 2025
Budget: $13.4 million
Gross square footage: 25,197