Dealing with bedbugs

Bedbugs have become a growing concern around the world in recent years, affecting even places such as five-star hotels and college campuses. Luckily, the University of Colorado Boulder campus has not had to deal with widespread bedbug problems. However, awareness and vigilance by the campus community is required to prevent a serious infestation.

The Office of Facilities Management has created this webpage to provide our campus community with resources, including a Video FAQ section, related to identifying bedbugs and ways to respond if you’ve seen bedbugs on campus or at home. We’re fortunate at CU Boulder to have an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) team with expertise in identifying, treating and preventing bedbug infestations. The university provides free pest-control services to campus departments, and our IPM team can advise students and employees on how to deal with the bugs if they spread to their homes.

We hope the resources provided here will help create an informed campus community that is able to work together to prevent the spread of these pests.