The University of Colorado invites qualified architectural, engineering, landscape architect, industrial hygienist and surveying firms to submit their qualifications to the University's As -Needed Architectural, Engineering and Consultant registration page for consideration to provide professional services, as defined in Colorado Revised Statues (C.R.S.) 24-30-1402.

Firms on this list may be considered for projects on the Boulder, Denver, Anschutz or Colorado Springs campuses when the professional service fee is less than $100,000 and construction cost is less than $1,000,000. The roles, responsibilities and requirements are outlined in the Architect/Engineer Agreement (SC-5.1), Terms and Conditions (SC-5.1 TC), Supplemental Conditions (for each campus), and the Consultant Agreement (SC-5.3). Copies of these documents can be found here. Please be aware that registration does not guarantee work, and the University of Colorado assumes no obligation of any kind for expenses incurred by any respondent to this solicitation. The University of Colorado also reserves the right to reject any and all submittals.

The campus will select at least three firms from the list to be interviewed for each specific project when the fee is anticipated to be more than $25,000. Interviews may be in person, via telephone, or via email, depending on the project's complexity. The campus will select the firm it determines to be the most qualified, and then negotiate a fair and reasonable fee for services. An Architectural/Engineering Agreement (SC-5.1) or a Consultant Agreement (SC-5.3) will be processed for each scope of work.

All work performed at any University of Colorado campus must be performed by a licensed architect, engineer, landscape architect or surveyor. Industrial hygienist services must be performed under the direction of a qualified industrial hygienist. For architects and engineers, it is mandatory that the license be held by a partner or officer of the firm and that the firm be registered in the state of Colorado.

Instructions to qualify and register your company for the University of Colorado As-Needed Program

Here are the quick registration steps:

Download and save the blank As-Needed Registration form. Fill out, save, and name the completed registration form “your firm name.pdf”.  Supporting reference information such as resumes and/or project experience may also be included as a separate PDF labeled your firm name-supporting.pdf. All information submitted is public record and will be published to the University of Colorado Boulder's webpage, so please only include appropriate information.

Email the following documents to

  1. Completed Registration form named "your firm name.pdf"
  2. Supporting PDF, if desired, named "your firm name-supporting.pdf"
  3. Contract Signature Authorization letter, which must meet the following criteria:
    • Be dated and on firm letterhead
    • List those with signing authority, including:
      • Title
      • Contact information (email address)
      • Any monetary limits to their signing authority
      • Be signed by a person with unlimited signing authority, such as a President or Vice President
  4. Current Wage Rates
    • Rates to be noted for current year and submitted on vendor letterhead. Please no terms or conditions.
    • Mark-ups on reimbursables are not permissible.
    • Transportation rate is to be the current IRS rate.
    • A markup on subconsultant cost is acceptable, but not more than 1.15%.
    • All rates are negotiable.

Approved registrations are current for one year from the date they are uploaded to the website, and renewal information will be emailed to the two contacts on the registration form approximately one month prior to renewal date. If information changes before the renewal date, please update the registration form and email it to so the most current information is on the website.

If you need assistance or have any questions, please email