August 2019

The Ann and H.J. Smead Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences has moved into a new dedicated building on East Campus.The four-story, nearly 180,000 square-foot structure was completed over the summer following 18 months of construction.

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August/September 2018

Construction is moving along at a rapid pace at the Aerospace site. Decking is poured on all levels for the north addition and framing is ongoing at levels 2-4. Spray foam and glazing is complete for exterior work on the main building and brick installation is ongoing. MEP rough in is complete on level 1-2. Drywall is almost complete on all levels and painting has begun on levels 1-2. It has been busy over the past two months with 275 workers on site daily. Check out the photos from August and September to get closer look at the construction progress!

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June/July 2018

Over the past two months significant progress has been made at the Aerospace site. With over 100 workers on site each day, installation of mechanical equipment, electrical and telecom rough in, fire sprinklers, duct work, and plumbing is ongoing. Exterior work continues with brick install progressing at the west service yard, framing and sheathing of levels 2-4, and roofing install at the auditorium. Slab on grad is complete at the north addition and steel erection is ongoing. Check out the photos from June and July!

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May 30, 2018

It has been a busy month over at the Aerospace site with the continuation of steel erection, MEP work, and slab on deck concrete pours.  MEP trades continue to install conduit, plumbing piping, duct, water piping, and sprinkler piping on levels 1-2 at the west portion of the building. Level 3 slab on deck concrete pours will begin this week. Steel erection continues at the east portion of the building, and decking at levels 1-4 has been complete. As for the north addition, foundation and utility work is underway. Take a look at our May photo gallery to get a better idea of the project’s progress!  

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April 30, 2018

Workers are moving from west to east and, as you can see from our April photos, steel erection is ongoing at the east portion of the building with decking installation occurring on the second floor. Decking for all four floors including the penthouse is complete at the west portion of the building, and slab on deck concrete pours are ongoing. Metal framing for exterior walls has begun on the first floor of the building. Check out this month’s photos for a more detailed look at the jobsite!

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March 23, 2018

The design team has been working along side our instructors for PILOT table options that will be used in the new PILOT lab. This week Aerospace instructors tested a portion of the design and here are the results:

Table Testing Results



Concrete for the east passenger elevator is complete, and steel erection for the west end of the building has reached the fourth floor. Our superintendent took some great photos of ongoing steel erection – check them out at the photo link below!  First floor concrete slab pours are complete, the final pours for the auditorium designed to seat 200 students.

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We are also happy to announce that we have received Board of Regents approval and funding for a north wing addition to the Aerospace building. The four-story addition will accommodate increased student enrollment growth and includes lab, research, and office spaces. Construction of the addition will begin as soon as possible, adding 13,400 GSF to the existing building. Student occupancy will coincide with the Aerospace building which is scheduled for fall 2019.


February 23, 2018

Concrete for the west service elevator shaft walls is complete, and concrete for the east passenger elevator shaft walls has reached the forth floor.  Steel erection began the second week of February and is ongoing.  The photos shown in the Aerospace album (link below) show steel erection taking place on the west end of the building, moving east.  The concrete pour for the first floor on the west is complete, which includes the PILOT room and the machine shop. The first floor pour on the east is scheduled after underground utility work is complete.  

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January 16, 2018

Construction of the west service elevator concrete shaft walls is ongoing (photo link below), and has reached the third floor.  The foundation is complete for the east passenger elevator and construction of the concrete shaft walls will begin next week. Taking a walk along Discovery Drive is a great view point for elevator construction without entering the site. Utility trenching is in progress for underground plumbing, electrical, and telecommunications. Concrete work for the first floor is scheduled to begin the last week of January, with steel for the building‘s framework being delivered and erection starting the first week of February.

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