On April 5th, Facilities Management hosted our first on-campus prescription safety glasses event. The program covers the cost of prescription safety glasses for Facilities Management operations and outdoor services staff who work in situations where eye protection is necessary. This year’s event was held at the stadium. Our goal was for 50 team members to participate this first year. Guess what? We hit our goal! We had so much demand we added a second day on April 6th. Staff who came to the event received an eye assessment by a certified Optometrist and were able to order prescription safety glasses and frames on the spot. The best feedback we received was from a few of our team members who had never seen an eye doctor before. Now they will be able to see clearly, and stay safe on the job! If you have questions about Facilities Management’s safety glasses program, please reach out to our FM Safety Specialist, Don Fitzpatrick at Donald.Fitzpatrick@colorado.edu or visit our Safety SharePoint website for more details on our prescription safety glasses programs.