Our campus and facilities are serviced by dedicated employees working as a team to enhance the safety, sustainability and resiliency of the CU Boulder community. On January 19, 2023 several outstanding team members were recognized for their significant contributions to the university this past year. The following are recipients of the 2022 I&S annual awards:

2022 Individual award winners:

Adam has taken great strides in improving Mail and Package Services. He has managed to improve efficiency as well as keeping his group in high spirits. He has displayed exemplary patience dealing with his coworkers, and teamwork and communication with other departments within the Distribution Center has never been better. Overall, CU as a whole, benefits by having Adam working here. His customer service skills, professionalism, and attentiveness have had a positive effect on everyone who has the pleasure of crossing paths with him. Congratulations Adam! We appreciate having you on our team.

Bea was nominated for this award by three separate employees. Her work this past year on the new work management system has been phenomenal. She has received praise for her orchestration of the testing process, her efficiency in task completion and her attention to detail. Along with the AssetWorks project, Bea provides exceptional, positive behind-the-scenes contributions in the work that she does supporting the departments enterprise systems. Because she keeps things running so smoothly, most of us don’t even realize all the work she does. Congratulations Bea – this award is well-deserved.

Manou consistently exceeds expectations in regard to time management as well as quality and thoroughness of his work. He is always willing to make himself available for assisting others and working extra hours if needed. Manou exemplifies the qualities we all look for in a co-worker in respectfulness, professionalism, integrity, and overall positivity. Manou loves our campus and this is made obvious daily. Over this year he has actively helped campus visitors find their way to campus events and various buildings, and he’s always willing to do what’s needed to help others and improve the image of our department.

Mike is an amazing team player, and has been a huge help to anyone new coming into the organization. He is super diligent about the work he does. Mike is detail oriented, and in particular, our Transportation accountant is very grateful for the efforts he makes to keep the funding and expenses in order. Mike is always willing to fill in when his team finds themselves short-handed. Thank you Mike, for your help in keeping Transportation moving.

Fred has gone above and beyond with providing abatement design as well as industrial hygienist support for the Theatre Acoustical Renovation project. It is important to acknowledge that Fred is performing these duties in addition to his regular day job. He has been highly collaborative from the start to develop a very detailed abatement scope of work. During the abatement process we experienced numerous scope challenges and unforeseen conditions. Fred has been engaged in every step of the process and has demonstrated excellent communication with all parties. He has been detailed and proactive at every step. His efforts have undoubtedly saved the project considerable time and money. You can tell that Fred takes pride in his work, and delivering a great product for the University, and all of the project team members. It is a pleasure to work with Fred on any project. He is always a standout member of any project team. Thank you Fred for your efforts on the Theatre Acoustical Renovation project! I&S very much appreciates everything you've done for this project.

Dena's work over the last year has improved Design & Construction’s onboarding, delivery guide implementation, and process definition documentation. Her work in this area brings about greater productivity and consistency. Her work to document, communicate, and integrate our standard operating procedures and approaches into our Project Delivery Guide also allows the organization to continue to complete process improvement due to the documentation of our existing processes. Thanks Dena, for you work on onboarding, productivity and process improvement. The University is better because of your efforts.

Ethan started with the CAD/GIS department as a student and over the past couple of years has become a crucial member of the team. He takes on any challenge with a smile and can-do attitude, and often goes above and beyond when assisting customers in any problem they have. He truly does it all, often referred to by the team as the 'utility tool,' he is eager to learn and continues to provide great work to the university. Some examples of his great work include providing access of our new floor plan sharepoint site to the campus community, and creating training documentation on our Meridian document management system – both providing a service to our I&S stakeholders. Thank you Ethan!

For many years, Chris has been an unsung hero. She works tirelessly to support her Project Managers and help out her fellow Project Coordinators with whatever needs arise. She can be depended on to carry through with whatever task she is given to accomplish. She has established a reputation of integrity with her clients and coworkers. Although she is a graduate of the other "green" university, she embraces the mission of supporting the Buff herd faithfully! We are grateful Chris, to have you on our side.

To quote Don Fitzpatrick, “Often times I will be having a conversation regarding a project or task and someone will say, "We need Nancy!" This is because we all know Nancy will provide wonderful support and expertise.” To quote me – Nancy is amazing! She is kind, gracious, knowledgeable and professional. She provides assistance to every department within I&S, as well as most committees. She is the first to support new ideas and needed change, and she just jumps in whenever something is needed. I could go on forever, but she wouldn’t like that. I will end by saying my most sincere THANK YOU Nancy… for everything you do.

Barry has gone above and beyond in his support of the CU Recycling Center and efforts to increase the knowledge of the students, faculty, and staff on how to be good stewards of our campus and environment through proper disposal of waste. He made a huge effort to host multiple lunch and learn sessions, participate at the SRS, and did a phenomenal job increasing awareness on the recycling efforts that CU makes and the compost challenges of the university. After attending one of your lunch-n-learns, I am personally better at recycling, composting, and making sure things get into

Chris displays a work ethic that both inspires others as well as creates a positive work place culture that exemplifies the CU Boulder mission. Chris conducts his shop meetings through both sharing expectations and also opening the meeting up for input from his direct reports in order to understand what and how he can better drive efficiency. He is highly dependable and demonstrates a high degree of level headedness in every emergency situation. Chris consistently makes himself available in time, effort and knowledge to address the needs of this campus and for that we are all fortunate to have him on our CU team. Thank you Chris!

When we walk into a meeting room, classroom, hallway or most places on campus Kuan’s efforts towards making these places inviting and well maintained are seen. Kuan is in early in the morning before most people are awake, painting and auditing classrooms and other common areas to assure when students, staff or visitors enter these areas things are pleasing and welcoming. She is dedicated to assure all painting needs are completed for our customers. Her audits of classrooms plan the way we upgrade areas during holiday breaks. Kuan also brings a joy to the shop every day. She is outstanding in her work attitude and a great person. Thank you Kuan!

2022 DEI winners

Donovan is an advocate for the other bus drivers and for the students. He is keenly aware of challenges that may impact the drivers and the quality of the services to our customers (staff, students, & faculty) and communicates that the best he can to his department managers and leaders. Thank you Donovan, for including so many in your efforts to bring about a better work place and customer service.

Per one of their newer employees, every employee on the team has a different area of expertise, and every employee is more than happy to share their knowledge. The team is very culture centered and it shows. Also, supervisor Dave LaLiberte ensures the crew collaborates efficiently and effectively. Between every walk of life and different experiences, East Campus Grounds crew is inclusive and welcoming. Thank you, not only for all the grounds work you do, but also for setting an example of inclusivity that all teams can aspire to.

2022 Safety Award winner

Brenda volunteered to be on the safety committee as co-chair and has really flourished in this role. She has always been a safety-oriented supervisor, watching out for staff to make sure they have the tools they need to do their jobs safely. Brenda also makes sure that her staff are involved with safety discussions during her staff meetings and invites Don Fitzpatrick regularly to those meetings. Thank you Brenda for working with your team and other FM staff to create a safety culture! (from Jessica Bradley)
Brenda has been nominated for the Excellence in Safety Culture Award because she actively participates and promotes safety for her team and other custodial supervisors. She has been a member of the Facilities Management Safety Committee for several years and most recently serving in the position as co-chair for over 2 years. Brenda offers her "safety shares" during the committee meetings including recognizing her team on several occasions. Brenda leads her safety discussions with her team always focusing on their safety as the main property. She encourages her team members to always work as a team and support each other. Brenda reminds her team to share their thoughts and suggestions to promote safety as well as any safety concerns they want to discuss during their team meetings. Communication is critical to keep our team members safe and Brenda sets this example each week. She shares with her team topics that are discussed during each safety committee meeting. Brenda also has safety topics posted in her employee break room and she makes sure her team reads and understands those topics. Brenda continues to reach out to leadership so they may experience her team meetings and focus on safety. Other supervisors have reached out to her for suggestions on supervisory and safety best practices. These are qualities which Brenda demonstrates every day while at CU which makes her an effective leader and safety advocate. Brenda, congratulations for being an excellent role model for your team and always focusing on their development which creates an amazing safety culture. (from Don Fitzpatrick)

2022 Team Award winners

These custodial employees that work the football games put in long hours making sure that the restrooms are stocked with essentials and that the restrooms are cleaned throughout the games. This can be very challenging when there's thousands of people attending and the restrooms are constantly occupied. There are attendants at each restroom for the majority of the game to combat this challenge, which means there is little down time for the staff supporting the games. The custodial football staff work long after the games as well to make sure everything is ready at the Stadium for Monday morning classes. Thank you for volunteering to work the football games, working as a team, and for providing great customer service!

Transportation has been short on bus drivers all year long. This management team has worked hard to get pay increases for their drivers, in order to help hire additional employees, and further benefit our current drivers. Even while doing their own jobs, this management team jumps in to help drive the routes when needed. They genuinely care about their department, and work well together for the betterment of all the staff. They are probably out driving now, and we thank them for putting our customers first.

These two crews are responsible for collecting thousands of pounds of recyclable material every day from dozens of buildings all over campus. They coordinate their time and efforts to help each other out with big jobs while monitoring daily trends and special events to make sure they are providing timely and effective service no matter the season. What makes this team special is the variety of special projects they take on without hesitation. These are the people who assembled and delivered wipe dispensers and hand sanitizer stands all over campus during the pandemic. These are the people who show up with poly carts when it is time to clear out an office, a library, or even an entire building - diverting massive amounts of recyclable and reusable materials from the landfill. They shovel snow to make sure you can reach your trash and recycling safely, and they are there for move-in, move-out, commencement, and every event in between. Whether you see them picking up a box of documents for shredding, or a pile of pallets, you will always see these guys with smiles and great attitudes. They are proud of the good work they do here, and we are lucky to have them.

This team does some amazing behind the scenes work. From carefully storing all construction documentation, maintaining our official campus building floor plans and maps to providing custom maps or plans, this team does crucial work for our campus that sometimes goes unnoticed. The GIS team has made tireless efforts to update our campus map and continue to build out our shared GIS applications to help the day to day of I&S and outside departments. The CAD team took strides during our transition to AiM to ensure the accuracy of and transition our almost 1400 building floorplans into the new Assetworks application. I&S cannot thank you enough for all of your hard work and dedication.

This whole team displays extraordinary dedication to providing 24/7 oversight and operation of our power, steam, chill water and water systems. This team may not always be visible, but we know they are hard at work doing training, maintenance, planning and preparation to keep our systems operating continuously and without failure. It takes a cohesive and dedicated team of professionals to operate and maintain these complex systems, and we are proud of the work and high standards they deliver. Their response to disruptive events has been exceptional. In December 2021, we had an unexpected disruption of two of our Xcel Energy main power feeders to campus during finals week. Our team quickly and creatively realigned our power distribution system to the one remaining feeder to restore power to campus that only resulted in a one-hour delay to the exam schedule. Additionally, the team has been routinely responding to Xcel’s call up for their Critical Peak Program that requires us to bring up our co-generation plant to shave power from the local grid. They also expertly brought the co-generation plant online in response to several weather events in the last year and answered the call to shift our fuel source to our boilers from natural gas to fuel oil in response to curtailment events called by Xcel. Just a few examples of the team’s ability to react, respond and solve complex challenges. We greatly appreciate their great work… Job Well Done!!!