There is an app available for your work phone which allows I&S staff to report hazardous conditions on campus. On your work phone, open the app catalog and search for "PowerApps". Download PowerApps and sign in with your email address and identikey password. Once you are signed in, click on the down arrow on the top left corner of your screen and switch from "my apps" to "all apps"  Then you should see the app named "Facilities Safety Hazards." Tapping on that will bring you to the reporting tool where you can report hazards and even upload a photo to capture all the details. All hazards submitted via the app will be routed to our FM Safety Officer. If a hazard falls outside the purview of Facilities Management, that hazard will be forwarded along to the responsible department(s) for follow up.

powerapps screen shot

menu screen for powerapps

facilities safety hazard app